About Me

Dressed up for a steampunk convention in 2011

My name is Kalani and I am a geek.

There’s been a lot of debate on the Internet recently over what this means, or if it even means anything anymore in today’s world of omnipresent technology and mass-media cashing in on huge amounts of science fiction and fantasy that simply weren’t as readily available when we were kids.

Let them fight over it. After a point, these kind of debates turn into a sort of self-congratulatory elite who envision themselves unofficial gatekeepers of who belongs to their special little club. What counts as art? What is good music? Who really cares, if you’re out loving what you do and connecting with others who love the same stuff?

I self-identify as a geek because I get super into the stuff that I enjoy, to the point where strangers might wonder why anyone would go to a steampunk convention or incorporate Zelda themes into my wedding, or blog about places where you can learn about science. It’s really all about letting yourself pursue your own hobbies, even if they don’t make sense to other people. The great thing about the Internet is that it’s pretty easy to find others out there who like the same stuff you do. Sometimes that means spaceships. Sometimes it means cartoons. There are so many awesome things in the world, and that makes me happy.

In addition to cool places where you can learn about stuff, I also like webcomics, planning big projects, drawing, trying to make the world a better place (by mowing the lawn or helping friends move), and my fiance cooking dinners for me. I’ve tried long walks on the beach and sand is pretty hard to walk in for any considerable length of time.