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The Computer History Museum

Today’s Geek Destination of Choice: The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA What it is: It’s a large museum dedicated solely to the rise of what is arguably our most important technological advance since the wheel. Exhibits follow the flow of history and have machines from every era and major turning point in the … Continue reading »

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Hotel Thursdays: Hotel Tomo

Today’s Geek Destination of Choice: Hotel Tomo in San Francisco, California   What it is: Hotel Tomo is an anime-themed boutique hotel located in the middle of San Francisco’s Japantown. The rooms are decorated with a cheery modern minimalism, giant murals, and stocked with copies of anime magazines.   Why This Sets my Geek Heart … Continue reading »

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Space Center Houston

Today’s Geek Destination of Choice: The Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.   What it is: The Lyndon B Johnson Space Center, located outside of Houston, Texas, is where the mission control center was for a number of groundbreaking space exploration missions, including the Moon landings. The attached Space Center Museum houses activities, collections of … Continue reading »

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Punkin Chunkin’ 2012

Today’s Geek Destination of Choice: World Championship Punkin’ Chunkin!   What it is: It’s a three-day competition and festival held every fall in Bridgeville, Delaware, where several categories of machinery compete to see which machine can throw a pumpkin the farthest. This year’s event takes place November 2 – 4, 2012.   Why This Sets … Continue reading »

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Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Good morning, comfortable and educated readers. As I sit in my Victorian armchair with its faded upholstery, sipping my Chocolate Chai tea that I bought at the Renaissance Festival, I am moved to ponder all the delightful places to visit in this universe (many of which are on this very planet) that are so full … Continue reading »

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